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Due Diligence Training Master Class
Join us for the Due Diligence Master Class, held in a private classroom NYC, and taught by the world-renowned expert on Due Diligence, L. Burke Files. This class examines advanced theories with actual case studies of Due Diligence in action. Graduates of this Master Class will be able to assume Due Diligence leadership positions and lead Due Diligence teams within their firms.

Students who complete this Master Class will receive the DDC (Due Diligence Certified) credential from the IDDO (International Due Diligence Organization) and will be well prepared to develop and run the Due Diligence department within their firm.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in your tuition of $1,895 (early bird pricing expires March 1st).

Also Available: Due Diligence Introductory Class

Due Diligence Bootcamp
We also offer an introductory Due Diligence Bootcamp Class to help professionals understand and identify the basics of Due Diligence.

Due Diligence Master Class Outline

Day One:


Using Numbers
Ratios – traditional and non-traditional
Other places to find numbers
Creating numbers to analyze
Limitations of numbers and common oversights
Some Algorithms to play with

Internal Measures

Look in and Out
Internal positions that are natural ally
Data collectors in a business
Data silos
Ways to approach to gather information from other territories
Address our numbness to the familiar and stale information

Due Diligence in an Acquisition

Mergers and Acquisitions
Same old Stuff
New Stuff often overlooked
What is a must, Key Employees and Gold Collar Workers
Intangible Assets and OPSEC

Management Culture and how to assess
Archipelago not Islands – you are a team

Outside Experts Required and Desired
Human Resources and Compensation
Subject Matter Experts
Someone with a lot of shoe leather

Quick Case Studies and Questions, How do we get the answer?

Cab Company
Uzbekistan Bank
The Big Cotton Investor
The New Plastics Company – Post Acquisition Due Diligence
Finger Print Company

At the end of day one case studies will be handed out to the participants. The participants will work to develop an approach the case as well as what resources they might need to get answers to the questions they have asked. The cases studies will be presented to the class in the morning.

Day Two:

Presentation of Case Studies

The case studies worked overnight will be shared by students with instructors and class

Due Diligence Failures
We learn mostly from failures – why this is a fact.
Notable failures and the errors made
Destructive testing in your organization

The Report
Writing and submitting the due diligence report
The report is fact based – period.
Citation of sources – all.

Concluding remarks and certificates handed out.




Learn precisely what Due Diligence is, the basic techniques to conduct Due Diligence, and how to develop a useful implementation strategy.


Come explore the newest developments in Due Diligence tactics, methods, and cutting edge technology - and how you can best utilize Due Diligence in your firm.


Join your peers in this Due Diligence Master Class to discuss how Due Diligence is being addressed in each of your firms, discover new methods and ideas to implement Due Diligence.
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